Is There Mail Today? – Does Delivery Run Today?

“Is there mail today?” is a common question that is asked from just about anyone from children to grandparents, even in this day and age of technology, with the everyday use of text messages and emails. Whether you are looking for a letter or postcard from a loved one or an important package from an online order, there are several things to consider to see if your mail has been delivered or if it is simply running a little later than you may be used to.

First, take a moment and think of what day of the week is it? Normally, traditional mail (such as bills and coupons) gets delivered each and every single day of the week – except for Sundays. As an alternative, Priority Mail Express through the United States Postal Service offers the same delivery options as the traditional USPS service with the only exception, is they deliver every day of the year – even on Sundays – except for holidays. UPS, which is a delivery service that focuses mainly on goods purchased online from Amazon, Walmart, and other websites, delivers anytime Monday through Fridays 9:00 am until 7:00 pm. They also have Saturday delivery options.
is mail delivered today
A second thing to consider while asking yourself, “Does the mail run today?” is that if the question just happens to occur on a holiday or not. Unless you work retail, more than likely you will have off of work all of the major holidays, such as New Year’s, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Those are the days that the mail will not show up in your mailbox. To go with that, there are still other holidays in which the mail is not running. Other holidays such as President’s, Columbus, and Veterans Day, are all National Holiday’s in which all Government buildings, including the Postal Service is closed and the mail will not show up.

One final step to see is there mail today or not is to take a look in your mailbox. Simple as that! Usually, all mail comes around the same time every day that does it go out. The drivers will leave the post office at the same time and follow the same route. If the mail usually gets dropped into your mailbox around 4:00 in the afternoon, then you need not worry if nothing has shown up before then. If it is way later than that, after 6:00 in the evening, then you may want to ask yourself “Is there mail delivery today?” One reason why you could be missing out on the mail if you are used to it coming at a normal time is if there is hazardous weather. Rain or ice slows down drivers on roads and could even potentially stall them for hours!
There are websites that would help you find out if mail is supposed to be sent out on that day or not. Helpful sites such as,, or can quickly and conveniently give you the information you need to see if you are expecting that letter from a loved one or if your monthly subscription is arriving or not.